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     DO NOT link directly to any image or audio files found on www.MidnightAnimation.com. You can download and store them on your server if you want to display them. Perpetrators found to be linking directly to any image or audio file will be severely dealt with!! You can link to any HTML or HTM page on MidnightAnimation.com and if you use one of the images found on this site please link back to www.MidnightAnimation.com.

     All HTML and HTM pages at www.MidnightAnimation.com are copyrighted by me (Daniel Arias). I have designed all of the pages found on MidnightAnimation.com and I hold all copyrights to the pages. This includes the HTML layout, page layout and text layout on all .html and .htm pages within MidnightAnimation.com.

     All items (Images, Artwork, Audio and Video files) found at www.MidnightAnimation.com are Copyrighted by myself (Daniel Arias) or by other parties. Below is a list of the Copyright information to all items located at www.MidnightAnimation.com.

     All Japanimation artwork (images) found on MidnightAnimation.com are Copyrighted by their original artists and creators. At this time I am trying to obtain authorization to display the images. When I have more information on the Copyright status I will post it on this page. If you see a image on MidnightAnimation.com that you hold the copyrights to, please E-mail me and let me know. If you know who holds the copyrights to any of the images found on MidnightAnimation.com, please E-mail me. I want to give full and fair credit to all of the artists and creators involved in making the artwork (images) on MidnightAnimation.com.

     The majority of the images found inside the Robotech Gallery are Snap Shot Images from the Robotech videos. I imported the video into my computer and made Snap Shot Images. Harmony Gold holds the copyright to the Robotech videos, I ask that I am given credit for transferring the video into images. If you use any of these images on your site please link back to my Robotech Gallery and give me credit for the time involved in making the images.

     All of the RealAudio files found on MidnightAnimation.com are Copyrighted by their original artist and creators. I take credit for the labor involved in putting together the RealAudio files, I do not take credit for the original works. Below is a list of where I received all the audio files displayed on MidnightAnimation.com. At this time I have no plans of using the MP-3 file format.

  1. Ghost In The Shell:
    • I received all of the Audio Tracks and Song for Ghost In The Shell from the "Ghost In The Shell, Special Edition Video."

  2. Robotech:
    • All of the songs from Robotech I received from the "Robotech Perfect Soundtrack Album."

  3. Macross Plus:
    • The song "Voices, English Version" came from the movie "Macross Plus" part 4.
    • The rest of the songs to Macross Plus, I received from "Macross Plus Original Soundtrack II, Yoko Kanno."

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